ECOLOPES TALKS are taking place every first Tuesday each month at 17:00 CET. Speakers will be renowned representatives of the disciplines relevant for the ECOLOEPS approach, spanning from architecture to ecology, computer sciences and beyond. Click here to register for upcoming TALKS.


Watch our Livestream from our Talk with John Marzluff – Professor of Wildlife Science at University of Washington.

He spoke about his book “Welcome to Subirdia” in which he reveals findings from his long-term research on birds along urban gradients and gives insights how species are adapting in the face of urban development. We also got some surprising perspectives about the role of semi-urban environments in keeping common birds common.

Helga Fassbinder – Biotope City

We are pleased to present Helga Fassbinder as our first speaker. Helga is the founder of the journal and the concept “Biotope City”. The Biotope City concept is based on the realization that we and our cities do not form an antagonism to nature, but that our cities are nothing else but one other of the many forms that constitute nature. Helga presented and discussed the concept as well its implementation in the “Biotope City Wienerberg” in Vienna. 

Find out more about the Biotope City Wienerberg here!